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Social media content creation and planning shouldn't be a single-person responsibility in today's Marketing and Comms teams. Collaboration is becoming more important as managing social channels becomes more complex and the demand for creative and varied content increases.

After all, more heads pulling together will always be stronger than one on their own! However, without establishing proper processes and plans, working as a team to deliver results and achieve efficiencies across a number of channels is next to impossible.

With that in mind, today’s blog is all about rectifying those challenges and exploring how you can achieve collaborative success in three ways! 🏆

1. Establish visibility and responsibility

The first step is to establish visibility to ensure that those involved in the project are able to see what work has already been done, where the potential gaps are and co-ordinate with others. This oversight will also help your team to appreciate your social media project as a whole and to build ideas for realistic social media objectives.

Setting collective social media objectives will not only help your team to stay on track and work to the same goal but can also encourage equal participation and ownership which is crucial for motivation! 🚀 Once objectives have been set it is time to outline the responsibilities that each of your colleagues have within the project. Whether they’re ace at getting customer queries resolved, or have an eye for creating shareable videos, everyone has a role to play. Let your team know what you expect from them and how they contribute.

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2. Team content planning

Now you’ve set objectives and have your team primed to reach them, how do you go about creating content together?

Scheduling social media content in advance is an excellent practice for consistency, particularly if your team currently only work 9am-5pm. Keep your audiences entertained through to the evenings and weekends by creating content in advance. Working a week or two ahead of time will also help to ensure your approach is proactive rather than reactive and buy you time to fill any gaps.

Top Tip – analyse what times of the day your content gets the best response and schedule future posts around those hours for maximum impact! 💥

Are you working with a social agency? The same rules apply for your third-party content creators, working together from one calendar will help your agency to stay on top of your activities and build more relevant content around it. Likewise, your team can get tips and tricks from your agency partners.

A social media management platform like CrowdControlHQ can facilitate this way of working with shared content calendars. Allowing you and your team to schedule, preview and edit all upcoming content across all of your social media accounts in one place with varied access permissions for different users!

3. Celebrate results

The final step is naturally to evaluate the results from the period but with particular focus on identifying best practice as well as those in your team who may need more help and guidance.

What constitutes as best practice will vary from organisation to organisation but consider the following as indicators:

  • Posts with the highest level of engagement over the period
  • Team members creating the most consistently excellent content
  • Most successful campaign from the period judged on click throughs to your website and subsequent purchases

Sharing those results with the entire team can help to encourage your social media content wizards 🧙‍♂️ 🧙‍♀️ to help others in the team to further their skills too. This process will help to continuously improve your team’s results on social media and drive stronger collaboration.

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So that's our top tips, but we want to hear how you’re ensuring strong content collaboration in your social media team – Tweet us @CrowdControlHQ with your thoughts, ideas or recommendations!

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