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The best marketing and comms teams know the secret to successful content is to spend 75% of your time on planning and only 25% on delivery, and social media content planning is no different!

The time you put into researching, collaborating, and refining your social media content calendar will be time well spent as your content is likely to be more relevant for your audiences and more creative to drive engagement.

So, how can you take your social media content planning processes up a notch? Check out our 5 steps to better content planning below.

1. Start with strategy

You can’t effectively plan your content unless you know what you want to achieve. Keep your social media objectives close by when you start planning to ensure your hard work moves you closer to achieving them. Let’s look at a quick example: 👀

Objective = brand awareness

Content ideas =

  • Consider collaborating on campaigns with partners to broaden your reach 🤝
  • Think about the best format to showcase your organisation’s successes – video is often a great way to tell good news stories 🎥
  • Demonstrate the human face of your brand by featuring your colleagues and the important work they do in your organisation 👩‍⚕️

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to think about how your social media content fits into your wider marketing activity to create a joined up online and offline experience! 🔗

2. Identify key events, dates and #hashtags

National awareness days, sporting and cultural events, and even public holidays are great markers to start building your content around. These events generally have #hashtags associated with them that will also help you to get involved with a wider conversation and spark more engagement. Of course, not all these events will be relevant to your brand and objectives so focus effort on just a couple of the most applicable events each month to put your own spin on!

Screenshot 2018-06-05 16.30.33

As you can see, we’re making the most of this info to plan and schedule our own content here at CrowdControlHQ - we’re particularly excited for #WorldSocialMediaDay on 30th June! 📆

If you haven’t already done so, you can download our free calendar of social media events for June 2018 to help you get started!

3. Get inspired

Then to get the creative juices flowing why not have a look at what others in your industry and beyond are doing. Look out for posts that are driving real conversations and engagement, and think about how you could take elements of that idea and work it into your own. Social media listening tools like CrowdControlHQ's Buzz Monitor can help you monitor social media content and deliver results straight to your inbox each day.

We love this example from Goals Football supporting #WorldEnvironmentDay by reducing plastic use in their centres! 🌍

4. Brainstorm

Once you’ve got an idea of the core messages you want to portray in your social media activity for this month, get your colleagues involved to collaborate on ideas and think outside the box.

This can be an especially powerful activity to do with colleagues across your organisation, from local users to senior management to raise the profile of your social media project, create excitement and get lots of different perspectives.

5. Log it

Finally, outline your agreed key themes and campaigns for the month, ideally using a social media planning and publishing calendar like CrowdControlHQ to ensure all your great ideas are not forgotten and that your team can collaborate on creating content.

Screenshot 2018-06-05 16.31.15

Once these markers are in place it is much easier to spot and fill in any gaps and ensure consistency of communication across all your social media accounts, leading to faster creation of quality content that is relevant to your audiences and will work towards your objectives! 🙌

So those are our top tips for better social media content planning, but we want to know how you plan your social activity! Have your say @CrowdControlHQ


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