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Customer service

Deliver more for less - the true savings of Social Media Customer Service

We often talk about the importance of having a purpose for social media in the organisation for it to be taken seriously by senior managers. Some have..

James Leavesley
James Leavesley Aug 28, 2019

Reputation management

The Link Between Social Media Reputation And Information Security

Reputation management has always been a key area for marketing, comms and social media teams, but they are now starting to take an interest in..

James Leavesley
James Leavesley Aug 01, 2019


5 Compelling Reasons Why Small Teams Need Social Media Management Software

We understand what it's like as a small team - you can get by without a social media management tool, but you can also save valuable time and increase..

James Leavesley
James Leavesley Jul 04, 2019


Busting 3 Common Social Media Management Myths

There are lots of common misconceptions around social media management that can seriously impede the progress of social media rollouts if trusted. With..

James Leavesley
James Leavesley Jul 31, 2018


To GIF or not to GIF on corporate social media accounts?

Love 'em or hate 'em, there's no getting away from GIFs on social media. I think most social media marketers appreciate a well timed GIF, often..

James Leavesley
James Leavesley Jul 03, 2018


From Data Protection to GDPR and the impact on social media

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) fast approaching for all organisations, it is important to understand where it has come from and the..

James Leavesley
James Leavesley Mar 28, 2018