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It’s likely that as a social media manager or social media contributor you won’t always have the time or resources to create your own brand new high-quality and engaging content every single day!

Instead your social media channels might feature a great deal of your own content but with some awesome articles or blogs written by others sprinkled in to present a different opinion. πŸ“…

Having a social media content strategy that appreciates this mix of your own content and curated content is super important, it’s just a case of deciding what that ratio will be.

So, let’s explore the benefits of each type of content and therefore what % of your content should be created by you and what % should be curated content to help you to achieve your strategic objectives.

Benefits of creating your own social media content:

1. Full control over the message - not only are you going to want to convey key messages about your organisation or products/services, but depending on your industry you might also have to think about regulation. If you work in a strictly regulated industry like automotive or retail any information in the content you share, be it your own or curated must be correct otherwise you might face fines for misleading your audience! Of course creating your own content is less risky in this regard as you can be sure that it complies with your organisation's guidelines which is key to protecting your reputation! πŸ’ͺ

2. Show off your brand personality – any content that you have written will be in the style of your brand voice which can be a very powerful tool. The tone of your voice on your social media channels can actually determine how much engagement you receive and so getting the right mix of humour/authority/friendliness is key. It's also much easier to get your brand colours and logos into your content creating a much more consistent looking and feeling channel! 

Learn more about tone of voice on social media in our upcoming webinar - How Doncaster Council Developed Its Unique Personality & Voice For Social Media Success, With Rob Jefferson 

3. Become a thought leader – if one of your social media objectives is to improve brand awareness then focusing on developing your own social media content that creates value for your audience will help to establish your channel. It could be that you share insights and statistics from your sector that set your organisation apart from the rest, or you might share innovative ideas on how to solve certain problems faced by your audience. Either way, becoming a thought leader is by no means easy, but if properly managed and resourced, there are great benefits to be had! πŸ™Œ

Benefits of curating content for social media:

1. Build relationships with influencers and partners - strategically curating and sharing content that has been created by your partners, prospective customers or even customers can really help to keep them engaged in your channels. Consider building a list of go to influencers, organisations or individuals who create great content to factor into your own social media delivery. As time goes on they may even start to return the favour and share your content which all helps to broaden your reach and impact! πŸ“£

2. Saves time – we know that managing lots of different social media accounts isn't easy and chances are you just simply won't have time to fill them all with your own content. Of course, the more colleagues you have creating social media content to feed into your channels the more this pressure will ease. But as an interim step, curating the content of others' can be a saving grace. If you're worried about diluting your brand, concentrate content curation to just a couple of your social media accounts like your main corporate Twitter page, rather than all of your channels. 

3. Demonstrate broader knowledge – finally, your audiences know that you're not the expert on absolutely everything. Of course, where you are the expert your audiences can rely on you to share that knowledge through your own social media content, but to broaden appeal and share more knowledge you might have to rely on others. This can actually help to maintain interest with your content and ensure you really are adding value. Just remember to consider the source of the information carefully - focus on reputable websites or publications in your sector and avoid sharing content from competitors if necessary! 

It's clear that there are lots of advantages to having a balance of your own content and curated content on social media but you may find that if your objectives are around brand awareness creating more of your own content will help you to establish your tone of voice. Alternatively if driving more engagement with limited resources is a challenge for you, consider how incorporating more curated content could help to achieve your aims. 

What balance of content works for you? Get in contact and let us know @CrowdControlHQ! βš–️


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