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Your December social media content plan starts here, as we get set for a feed full of #Christmas related campaigns, conversations and hashtags. But there's more to December than that!

The month of December is Bowel Cancer UK's #Decembeard campaign so expect plenty of beard pics. There's also #VolunteersDay on 5th December, and Save The Children's #ChristmasJumperDay on 14th December providing a few great causes to support and engage your social audience or communities.

On the quirkier side too there's plenty with #InternationalMountainDay πŸ”, #MonkeyDay πŸ’, plus #NoInterruptionsDay πŸ™…πŸΌ for those of us folks on the last working day of the year when you just have to complete your to-do list before the #NYE2018 🎊 celebrations can begin (we've all been there).

See what else is coming up - download the free calendar hereπŸ‘‡

December 2018 social media calendar

Click to download πŸ‘†

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