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Don't be fooled that February is just about Valentine's Day! While the shops will be full of heart shaped treats, there's so much more going on during the month that all organisations can get involved with.

From sport and TV, to food and friendship, there's something for everyone and plenty of opportunities for brands to start conversations with their audiences on social media!

Why not organise a team event to support #FairtradeFortnight 🌱starting on 25th, #RareDiseaseDay on the 28th, or #TimeToTalkDay 🗣 to promote conversations about mental health on the 7th! 

February is also a month with lots of opportunities to celebrate others and give back with #RandomActsOfKindnessDay ☺️on the 17th, #BookGivingDay 📚 on the 14th, and #SendACardToAFriendDay 💌 on the 7th.

And who can resist having fun with #NationalPizzaDay 🍕on the 9th, and #RealBreadWeek 🍞starting on the 23rd!?

See what else is coming up - download the free calendar here👇

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