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Everything from food, culture to sports provide plenty of chances to get involved in what will be some of the top trending hashtags on social media in June. Audiences will be checking their favourite social media apps to cheer or complain about the #WorldCup ⚽️, keep up with the winners and losers at #RoyalAscot, or share their best pics on #NationalSelfieDay 🤳

Some might be too silly for your brand to engage with (looking at you #PineappleDay 🍍 27th June), so we don't recommend jumping on an event that is irrelevant to you and your audience just to get some clicks. There's plenty of opportunities to get involved, show some personality and to generate some awareness and engagement through relevant content. So download the social media calendar and start planning your June content now.

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June 2018 Social Media Calendar

What days are you planning to engage in? We our know our list is not 100% comprehensive so we'd love to know what days we are missing that are important to you. Tweet us @CrowdControlHQ to let us know or just share your thoughts!

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