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3 tactics brands are using to drive social media engagement this summer

18 August 2016 | 02:48 am


With the summer holidays in full swing, and the whole industry of travel and tourism is busy capitalising on the increased opportunities presented to them at this time of year. So we are going to share with you our favourite social media tactics that are being employed to drive engagement this summer.

The importance of social media engagement:

As social media marketers, we have far surpassed the times of using vanity metrics such as likes and followers as key social media performance indicators and we now seek genuine engagement with our audience to strengthen relationships and build trust in our brands.

But there are also additional factors that make social media engagement so important, for example high engagement levels are a key ranking variable for Facebook and Twitter algorithms which can ultimately increase your organisations organic reach. Check out this recent article which discusses how Twitter’s algorithm offers a new opportunity for marketers..

Engagement can also act as a key measure to evaluate campaign effectiveness. By monitoring engagement levels it can provide an early indicator on whether your campaign is destined for success or failure. In addition, by analysing engagement levels over a longer period of time you can identify common patterns and begin to shape future campaign ideas and social media activity based on your findings.

So we all know the importance of social media engagement, so how can we increase engagement on our own social media accounts? We have compiled our three favourite social media campaigns this summer that will inspire your social media strategy…

Here are our favourite summer campaigns this year, as well as the key lessons we can all learn from them.

Alton Towers - #TowersTastic

As the recent PokemonGo craze highlighted people love to hunt for rewards. Maybe it’s our primal instincts breaking free or our inner child searching for Easter eggs, but nonetheless Alton Towers have expertly tapped into this behaviour.

#TowersTastic has been touring the nation, hiding hundreds of Golden Tickets, with various prizes on offer. By hinting at their location through the @altontowers twitter account, people across the nation are on the hunt for a golden ticket.



Parkdean Holidays - #ParkdeanFeeling

Another excellent social media tactic this summer comes from Parkdean Holidays.

Leveraging the power of emotion they’re asking for visitors to share ‘those moments that make your holidays with us special’ with the #ParkdeanFeeling hashtag to be in with a chance of winning an Autumn getaway.

An excellent campaign that has proved popular with visitors, and therefore has increased Parkdean’s reach, in addition to leveraging customer advocacy, which acts as effective social proof for anyone considering a trip to a Parkdean Holiday Park.



Ryanair - #Guesstinations

Our final example, of an effective social media tactic to drive engagement is from Ryanair.

#Guesstinations has been developed as an alternative tactic to highlight the different destinations Ryanair fly from and to. However the concept has also proved successful in driving engagement across Twitter and Facebook, receiving a host of comments and replies to each brainteaser and answers being shared across various online forums, further increasing their reach.




So what are the lessons we can learn?

Lesson 1: Get people involved in real life. – As Pokemon GO has highlighted integrating the digital world with real life can have a multitude of benefits. As #TowersTastic has shown, by adopting this style of approach within your social media campaign you give your fans and followers something tangible and the potential of a reward can further increase your success.

Lesson 2: Evoke an emotional response – Over recent years we have seen an increase in emotional advertising from John Lewis’ Christmas adverts to upbeat Ads that make you want to dance… #ParkdeanFeeling has captured the power of emotion excellently with their social media campaign as they encourage families to make and share everlasting memories, acting as genuine social proof and ultimately enhances relationships with their visitors, which can only benefit the organisation further down the line.

Lesson 3: Harness your audience’s competitiveness – Ryanair’s #guesstinations is not only an effective method of raising awareness of the destinations they fly from and to, but has also leveraged their followers competitiveness to drive engagement with their brand and has proved extremely popular.

We hope these key examples will help you drive social media engagement on your accounts, to ultimately drive business success.

Happy summer holiday to all our readers!

Lewis Jones – Digital Manager

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