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Be prepared – Is your business on top of your social media this Bank Holiday?

01 May 2014 | 09:56 am

Social Media Bank HolidayWe live in a 24/7 world where life does not stop just because we are not at work. Life goes on and marketing strategies need to take account of these crucial periods and the public’s use of social media over the holiday period.

Social media communication is key in the retail sector over a Bank Holiday weekend. News that footfall in UK shops was down 1.9% compared to that on Easter 2013 clearly demonstrates the fragile nature of consumer confidence after years of squeezed incomes, according to the retail data company Springboard.

It is therefore increasingly important for organisations to communicate with their customers to entice them into stores or outlets and promote their business above that of their competitors. Key to doing this is to use social media, recognising the immediateness it gives to promote offers and special events on a local and regional basis.

This does not mean that you have to have your marketing team in the office over these bank holiday periods, tweeting and posting in order to communicate with customers. There are better and more efficient ways of doing this and management needs to be confident that the marketing team has this in hand.

You do not want your company Twitter account to go quiet but show the business in a favourable light i.e. it is a national holiday we are still available. It is also important to take into account the timing of Tweets and Posts over the holiday weekend. People have more time, are more relaxed and more likely to turn to their social media accounts for up-to-date information on the areas they are interested in. Are you confident that your business is fully prepared to take advantage of the opportunities presented by increased traffic on social media?

Timing is everything so you want to ensure new tweets and posts are made at opportune times when most activity will be taking place.

Utilising a social media management system such as that provided by CrowdControlHQ can be key to delivering the right message at the right time. Pre-bank holiday there will be a lot of investment into planning communications and working out how these will best be delivered. At this early stage the power of social media and how and when it is delivered should be central to this plan.

The business is also faced with an extended period to cover when staff are out of the office – instead of the usual two days over the weekend period this will stretch to three or four.  Additional content should be prepared and a schedule for the release of such content should be visible to senior management. Don’t get caught out on Friday afternoon when you realise you need 4 days content instead of two and staff have already left.

The investment in social media management software will be critical to managing social media during holiday periods. Tweets and posts can be created prior to these key dates and it gives senior managers full visibility over the marketing activity over the holiday period. The software will also give managers the ability to review campaigns well in advance to ensure the tone and message is correct. It is then possible to put people on call over the period and have key conversations flagged to these people if and when they occur.

Those organisations that are on top of their social media, whether in retail, leisure or any other sector will be those that gain the most. In the ever-challenging competition to communicate with people, whether they are current customers, prospective customers or anyone who has an interest in your business you need to be confident that your social media will be a winner not a loser this weekend.

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