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Boardroom Basics: Why buying British works best for Social Media Management

27 March 2014 | 12:08 am

22119176_mThe social media management software market is dominated by North American companies, but having spoken to many of our clients we wanted to share why British organisations get a better deal working with British Software companies.

Apart from the logistical issues around the operating hours of help desks there are a series of other differences, which sets us apart from our North American cousins:

1. Onsite training and enterprise deployment - Management of large scale 'enterprise' social media is very new.  Many marketing directors will be venturing into new territories and perhaps leading on their first journey into social media management. Training can avoid making costly mistake in terms of both time and resource, enabling teams to learn from other organisations in similar situation.

2. Dealing with people not technology - Following the initial training there is the ongoing need for a customer service function to support teams on the front line.  Here at CrowdControlHQ our customer service team - led by George, forms an integral part of the customer proposition. Our clients really value being able to speak to someone locally and when there is a need even face to face to plan and shape the roll out of the system/ approach.

3. Saas-based support - In the world of "Software as a service” the service part is quite often forgotten. Organisations are able to sign-up online with a faceless organisation where little or no service is offered. Various figures are brandished about the industry with average first response being as long as 25 hours. British firms take a little more pride, for example our own first response time is currently around 2.5 minutes.

4. Data Storage - UK data storage is critical to ensure that confidentiality falls under UK law and is protected accordingly. You could argue that social media is all public so there is anything to hide. However, the increase in direct messages and the ability to collaborate behind the scenes on both users and posts means that not all is private, but should be kept so.

5. Understanding of the legal differences - The UK Defamation Act 2013 has strengthened the protection for channels such as Facebook and Twitter, which will encourage those who have been libelled to pursue those responsible for media posts or reposts. Having features in place that support the organisation to ensure that they stay on the right side of the law is critical.

6. UK swearing - The nuances of abusive language can be an important difference between ensuring that content does not make it’s way onto your Facebook Page and content appearing that can cause any brand embarrassment.  Our clients are reliant of very comprehensive swear dictionaries to protect their social media from both profanity and competitors. So the cultural differences are very important to consider.

As the UK’s leading social media management software provider, CrowdControlHQ provides a UK centric software solution which is the platform of choice for leading risk managers, legal and marketing directors.  The customer service team are based in the UK, providing telephone and face to face training support for clients. 

James Leavesley MBA

CEO CrowdControlHQ, Member Institute of Directors

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