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But this wasn't on the business plan

24 September 2013 | 11:23 am

The folk at Twitter Inc must be finding themselves in a strange place at the moment. We are all aware that they have done very well financially out of their idea of providing young adults a platform to communicate at each other. But did they expect the daily controversies hitting the headlines when they were building their business plan.

This past week’s news from Nairobi has been quite extraordinary. First we have terrorist announcing their intentions, albeit in a non-specific way, to commit atrocities. Then they Tweet from the site of the atrocity to boast of their success and reveal the identities of those involved in the terrorism, meanwhile victims who have been caught up in the situation are hunkering down to tweet about the horrors that they are experiencing as they happen. Then the Kenyan government announce that the hostage situation will be over soon as they are planning to go in. Then the terrorists respond and so on.

Back to that business plan. Maybe they should have had the foresight to add that in future world governments will be having conversations with terrorists, victims with the world, and the only way journalists will be able to have any chance of breaking a story will be to either join a terror cell or manufacture ways of becoming a ‘victim’ and tweet about it.

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