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Can you increase your social media reach without advertising?

13 May 2016 | 03:09 am

If you had the opportunity to increase your company’s social reach by 1000%, with little to no added expense, would you?

Social media reachAs social media managers, we are all well aware that since 2012 the decline of organic social reach has become a common pain point for most.

The decline of organic social media reach

Over 4 years ago, on average we could reach at least 16% of our Facebook page fans in their news feeds. However, reports in 2014 suggest that organic reach for all Facebook pages dropped to 6.15% and to 2.11% for pages with more than 500,000 likes.

These figures suggest that our potential organic reach has more than halved in the last 4 years on Facebook alone, which will ultimately impact on further desired actions including likes, shares, comments and referral traffic to your website.

Average organic reach of content published on brand facebook pagesBut there is a very important reason for these changes in organic reach. Facebook and social media platforms alike have become an outlet for millions of users on a day to day basis (billions in fact). With approximately 4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily on Facebook, and 347,222 tweets sent per minute, platforms have had to develop intricate algorithms which filter the mass of content to serve us with the most relevant posts. On the other hand Twitter provides a live feed with continuous updates, but due to the shear mass of content being shared, on average your tweets will be seen by approximately 10% of your followers.

Of course, with the decline of organic reach, organisations have begun to rely on paid advertising to push their content to more people, but when social media budgets are tight is there anything else we can do?

So how can you start boosting your organic social reach today, with little to no added expense?

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Leveraging employee networks to boost success
The average number of followers per Twitter user is 208, and among adult Facebook users, the average number of friends is 338 per account. Therefore by encouraging your employees to share your company’s social media content, you can exponentially increase your organic social reach. Whilst this approach may not work for everyone, especially with more obscure B2B audiences, on the whole employees can add considerable value as we strive to reach more people.

‘But how can I encourage my fellow colleagues to share our content?’ I hear you ask… Below I have compiled 3 tips to get your colleagues on side when it comes to social media sharing:

3 tips to encourage employees to drive social media performance

  1. Educate – When encouraging employees to share your content on social media, it is vital to share your social objectives, so that the entire team understands the ultimate goal and the steps needed to achieve it. At this point it is also important to discuss key considerations including; how much should they share on a weekly basis? Are there any ‘embargo’ topics? How to ensure colleagues represent your brand in a positive light?
  1. Empower – The best results from social media advocacy programmes stem from allowing employees to share their own ideas. Not only do people love the sense of recognition, they are sure to share content, which they have helped to inspire and create.
  1. Competition – The final tip and possibly the most effective is to develop an internal social media leader board (Check out how Zappos did this to great effect…). With a suitable platform in place you will be able to measure and identify social media champions throughout your organisation and reward your colleagues based on this knowledge.

With the obvious potential reach of employee amplification, and the beneficial cost comparison to paid advertising, is your organisation set to make the most of your colleague’s networks?


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