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Construction industry gets creative with digital security

12 December 2014 | 03:46 am

Last night I was really pleased to join our friends at Inside Out Security at their annual showcase of technical security products in Nottingham.

Our hosts are not only specialists in their field of site and building security, with their state of the art CCTV technology but have found exceptionally creative ways of using their on-site cameras to capture the heartbeat of sites day to day, through timelapse imagery and sound recordings.

The content is truly captivating to watch and helps us – the British public at large experience an environment in a very sensory stimulating way. We are transported into the inner sanctum of ‘no public access’ areas across a variety of environments from construction projects to live events – giving viewers their own unique ‘access all areas’ virtual pass.

A great example of this is the timelapse footage of a 1,000 tonne bridge being hoisted into place as part of the Tramlink Nottingham construction project. It showcases a breath taking feat in engineering construction. Transporting us (no pun intended) into the heart of the construction project with a musical medley of authentic sounds from the site. Or there is the front row spectator seat as the Nottingham Railway Station Bridge is slid into place (below).


In the world of social media where we have a thirst for original, engaging and unique content, these films are like gold for the marketing departments at Taylor Woodrow, Alstom, NET, Tramlink and Nottingham City Council – all partners on this project in Nottingham.


For the marketing teams, this content can be leveraged in many ways:

  • Brand Building – The content provides a great way for brands, products & services to communicate why they are different. Cutting through communication ‘noise’ and standing out within an industry.
  • Business development - Telling people you are good is never a credible way to sell. Showing them is much more impactful! Plus there is always the ‘value add’ to the service of producing such high quality content for clients and stakeholders to use within their own delivery.
  • Client Reinforcement – post sale reinforcement is so important to the key stakeholders, investors, and probably in the Nottingham example - the public at large, to see first hand how a project comes together in this way, quenches the thirst for understanding and customer satisfaction.
  • Press – as the proverb goes - a picture paints a 1,000 words and in the digital world we live in, feeding news hungry journalists with genuine top quality eye candy is an easy sell compared to the old school wordy heavy press release. How would you even go about describing the Nottingham project in words, especially to those with no prior experience of construction?
  • Digital Media – the digital and social media channels gives the content the ability to reach out and hug people who care for the content most. Drawing them into the ‘shop window’ – in most cases the website. Social media also allows people to interact with the content and the brands associated with it, to brand build and give valuable customer insight on the types of content that will make them tick in the future. It provides a uniquely measurable communications channel that clocks people in and out, acting as a gauge of interest.


What we love about Inside Out as a business is that they have taken security and created a parallel value added service of timelapse. In contrast, we at CrowdControlHQ have taken social media crowd engagement software and created a parallel value added service of security!

So both companies share much in common in promoting two major benefits. Inside Out will naturally put much effort into promoting CCTV, as we do with social media engagement as these are the areas that our clients feel most comfortable talking about, understand and purchase!

Yet each business also has a very strong USP that shapes a service offer that is relevant to the future business landscape – timelapse for Inside Out and in our case social media risk management and security. Promoting the early adoption of innovation is always a challenge and a great risk to the business but knowing the cultures within both businesses and of course the senior management team leading them, they are hopefully both destined for great things!

So big thanks to our hosts, the mince pies were lovely and this Christmas as you make your way down the motorway to see the family, think about how in future the infrastructure of Britain could be communication with us in the future!


Michelle Leavesley (@leavesm) - Marketing Director CrowdControlHQ & Lecturer in MSc Marketing Communications at Birmingham Business School


CrowdControlHQ is the UK’s leading social media risk management and compliance platform, built for enterprise. Our client list includes major infrastructure, transport and construction businesses who utilise social media to communicate with key stakeholders.


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