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With a continued number of brands turning to social media to increase their customer base, the need for a strong social media strategy going forward is imperative to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Without a properly executed strategy, the implementation of such social media use is only likely to result in poor or little return on investment. A strategy allows a business to target specific days or weeks to market particular products and campaigns for the future, enabling the brand to present online fans with an encompassing view of the brand’s products. This helps to maintain fan’s interest and encourages them to continue following and engaging.

A strong strategy also allows a brand to plan well in advance for the future, enabling the opportunity to include new content as necessary. Ensuring a brand is fully prepared to utilise a number of different networks is important, and creating varied content within a strategy allows the brand to easily implement fresh content and promote new products across a number of social networks.

Further to the need for a strategy, setting goals is also an important element of social media management. Setting monthly goals ensures outreach won’t become too sporadic and allows for future planning, depending on how close the brand comes to its pre-set target. Such goals also enable the business to understand how successful – or unsuccessful – it’s strategy is. If expectations fall well short of expected engagement, for example, the brand can look to amend its strategy for the future to help reverse any negative trend.

Clearly a well thought-out strategy, coupled with weekly and monthly goals, isn’t to be underestimated. Maintaining a suitable set of rules of engagement is imperative in allowing a business to attract a wider fan base. Using a relatively open strategy will make it easy to introduce new content as and when necessary, allowing the brand to continuously bring new fans and customers into the fold.

With social media becoming an increasingly important marketing tool with each passing day, brands without a well thought-out strategy are likely to be left behind sooner than they may expect.

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