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Webinar: Driving success with social media in the automotive industry

29 October 2015 | 02:58 am

Driving success with social media in the automotive industry


With the ability to raise brand awareness, drive customer service engagement & support the sales process, it is no surprise that social media usage in the automotive industry is on the rise. But is your organisation utilising social media to it’s full potential?

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Join James Leavesley, Chief Executive Officer at CrowdControlHQ and James Woodhead, Head of Automotive in our upcoming webinar as they look at how social media is being used throughout the industry. Find out how to manage the challenges automotive companies face on social media and discover what the future holds for social media in the automotive sector.


  • The current state of social media in the automotive industry (Growth, Role, Strategy)
  • Operational challenges within the industry
  • Key success factors in Enterprise Social Media delivery
  • The Impact of FCA guidelines
  • The future of social media in the automotive industry
  • Q/A

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James Leavesley (Speaker) - Chief Executive Officer at CrowdControlHQ

James Woodhead (Speaker) - Head of Automotive at CrowdControlHQ


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