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Facebook Redesign and the Requirement for Altered Strategies

06 October 2011 | 05:37 am

Social news has been dominated recently with news of Facebook’s radical redesign. Aesthetic changes are being implemented to a user’s profile with the introduction of timeline, and several new features such as the integration of applications and a ‘ticker’ listing a user’s friend’s actions through the network so the requirement for brands to review and potentially alter future strategies is greater than ever.Personally, I love it and have already implemented  Timeline and am waiting with baited breath for others to do the same.

It is more important than ever for brand marketers to put engaging, interesting content at the forefront of their social media campaigns. Whilst engaging content has always been of high importance to brand pages,  with liking no longer a requirement for a user to interact and engage with that  brand page, users can come and go as they please without adhering to previous restrictions. Whereas encouraging liking was previously of high importance, assuring users continue to return to interact and engage with a brand on numerous occasions is now even more of a high priority.

It goes without saying that increasing the number of likes a brand profiles receives is still of high importance, but the emphasis how now changed. Social media campaigns will now be judged on the growth of engagement and acquisition in tandem to ensure any social media campaign proves fruitful. Sharing and engaging is vital in increasing visibility to a fan’s friendship groups to ensure new fans continue to visit and engage with a brand’s Facebook page.

Given this shifting emphasis, the requirement for adapting current social media strategies is greater than ever. The like still has a role to play in gaining Facebook visibility and reach, but its value has dropped slightly. For brands not currently conducting it, monitoring fan actions and shares must become an essential part of any online campaign, to help determine the most successful posts and plan accordingly for the future.

Now time for me to get back to curating my timeline!






Joy Stefanicki, CrowdControlHQ

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