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News: Hampshire Fire & Rescue firefighting social media risk

29 July 2013 | 02:18 am

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Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service has recently adopted CrowdControlHQ, enabling the service to communicate with the public, across the social networks, in an even more efficient and secure way.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue are pioneers of social media and the communications team has taken to the medium in a big way with over 20,000 fans and followers so far. The service uses social media to communicate information about incidents across the county, as well as giving safety advice and tips to the community.

However using social media across such a large organisation can lead to lose of control as well as expose it to risks of accidental or malicious postings.

CrowdControlHQ helps prevent risk by giving central control to authorised individuals. Enabling them to keep passwords secure and give other users a tiered level of access and permissions. It also provides monitoring tools, so organisations have a clear audit trail of who posted and when and they can see who is talking about them across the social media networks and what they are saying. This allows the service to adhere to strict social media compliance  guidelines. 

“Before we bought CrowdControlHQ we were sharing passwords across multiple social media outlets so there was a potential risk that we wanted to manage,” said David Broomfield, of Hampshire Fire & Rescue’s marketing communications team,  “and we could only have limited number of people logged in at any one time and that caused issues. Now we can have many people using system across several departments and fire stations.”

Hampshire Fire & Rescue can now use CrowdControlHQ’s keyword searches and moderation tools which are built into the platform so it can be alerted to any incidents that are being mentioned and moderate its profiles for inappropriate language and posts.

Broomfield continued: “CrowdControlHQ turned out to be good value when compared to other tools out there and the platform provided us with everything that we needed, including moderation and monitoring tools. The ability to use indepth analytics within the system was just what we required, ”

James Leavesley, CEO of CrowdControlHQ said: “Its great to be able to provide such a useful tool to Hampshire Fire & Rescue. We look forward to helping them to roll out use of the platform across the organisation.”



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