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Holiday Tips for Social Media Managers

11 August 2014 | 03:04 am

Social Media Manager HolidayThe summer holiday season is now in full swing and many of us can’t wait to go on a relaxing break. But even though sunbathing and lounging by the pool* may be your top priority for the next two weeks, the last thing you want to come back to is a social media catastrophe that will put those sunny holiday memories firmly back in the shade.

So here are some tips that will allow you to focus on topping up your tan whilst safe in the knowledge that your department is still delivering the high social media standards you demand.

1. Scheduled Posts as organised as your holiday itinerary: it is good practice to have pre-scheduled posts at any time of year, but having them pre-primed and ready to go out while you are away is essential. Take time to work out what your content themes will be and then pre-post accordingly. In order to do that, make sure that you have a way of accessing and managing your scheduled content. And although you want your team to have access to as much information as possible, make sure that access to this information can be tiered and of course audited.

2. Ensure your monitoring team is as effective as your sun block: ensure that you have identified team members whose role it is to monitor all of your organisation’s social media accounts while you are away. You can boost your team’s efficiency and feel more secure by automating the process.  This means that regardless of the time or day, your team can be notified of any issues that may be of concern. Professional software will support this monitoring functionality, automatically flagging keywords for your team’s attention, thus leaving you to enjoy your break worry-free.

3. Escalation alerts as all-encompassing as your suitcase: ok it is not ideal to be disturbed whilst on holiday, after all that’s the whole point of being away. But if a situation occurs that has the potential to grow into a minor (or major) catastrophe, wouldn’t you rather be kept abreast of the situation as it was happening so that there was a chance it could be averted,  rather than having to face the consequences on the day you return? To avoid such a scenario by putting in place a robust internal communications system, including an alerts notification that can be used if your team desperately needs you while you are away (and then keep your fingers crossed that you’ll never need it).

4. Access & control as easy as your air conditioning: if for any reason you need to access your social media accounts while away, the last thing you want is to have access restrictions due to location or, you are simply unable to take a quick and easy overview of your accounts. Ok, accessing Facebook and Twitter directly is easy - but it is not secure, nor is it particularly efficient when you have multiple social media accounts to look at. After all, time spent in front of a monitor is time spent away from what you really want to be doing whilst on holiday. Therefore identify ways that will allow you to access a summarised, filtered view of your social media activity remotely from anywhere, and put this in place before you step on the plane.

5. Content reports as informative as your guide book: so you’ve had an idyllic two weeks away, only to come back to the prospect of the next five days spent locked away in meetings unpicking what happened while you were off enjoying yourself.  To avoid this ‘holiday hangover’;  before you go away, put in place a system for receiving reports about your accounts’ activity on a daily basis which you can review systematically once you are back at your desk. That way you will be able to look at a series of easily digestible daily reports on the content that was created in your absence, rather than having to scroll through one long document containing two weeks’ worth of data.

6. Statistics as detailed as your credit card bill: numbers certainly do tell a story, and the more numbers you have at your disposal, the more confidence you will have that all the plans you put in place for while you were away have paid off.  Engagement numbers, Campaign Reach, Posting Activity, and Analytics - all provide a clear and measurable picture of the social media activity taking place while you were away, so we recommend you invest in a platform that provides all these key metrics before you depart.

*should sunbathing not be a holiday priority for you then please feel free to select one of the following alternatives:

walking / skiing / cycling / city break / historical sight-seeing / ballooning / elephant trekking / staying at home reading a good book with mobile phone , Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. all switched off

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