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Housing associations' social media lag

13 January 2014 | 01:29 am

housingAccording to new research into the social and digital activity of 275 housing associations there has been a shift towards digital engagement, but the findings revealed how housing organisations still lag behind both commercial and charitable organisations.

On average, housing organisations have only 0.5% of the social and digital engagement rates of not-for-profits on Facebook and 3.4% of their followers on Twitter.

Net Promoter scores, which gauges the loyalty of an organisation's customer relationships online, and the level of social media engagement housing associations experience, reveal a large gap between what is reported as resident satisfaction scores. The report states:

“A lack of digital skills and unfamiliarity with community moderation and management mean that residents are not engaged with their housing providers. Only 75 of the top 100 housing organisations have resident comments enabled on Facebook. The average number of Likes the top 100 housing organisations have on their Facebook pages is just 583, yet Facebook is seen as the main way for housing associations to communicate with residents online and organisations have invested heavily in this area."

Housing associations that are not engaging on social media are not only missing out on customer engagement they are also missing an opportunity to save time and money.

A recent report from InGov revealed that face to face transactions cost on average £8.62 and telephone interactions cost on average £2.83.  While web and social media interactions cost less than .15p

To read the full report click here.


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