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Is social shopping the next big thing?

27 February 2014 | 04:05 am

social shoppingIs social shopping the next big thing? Customers have  more opportunities to engage with brands through outfit builder apps, QR contests, barcode scanners, and video outlet connections then ever. Customers can share outfit ideas on Pinterest or tweet links to coupon codes. With smartphone shopping and mobile commerce, up to 69% of iPhone users admit to shopping on their devices, and it's important that retailers make it easy for customers to purchase online.

According to a new study from Econsultancy and IBM Tealeaf, retail stores are missing out when it comes to connecting online shoppers with offline information. While most stores display their store locations and hours on their website, only 38% provide information on retail products and services through social media. 72% of retailers said they plan to increase investment in mobile strategies.

Considering that less than a third of businesses asked said they optimize content for local and mobile search, and only 18% allow customers to place an order online and then pick it up in the store. The study found that, even when cross-channel marketing was used (such as using QR codes as part of an online promotion), the results ended up being ineffective, since the pages that would load for the promotion weren’t properly optimized for mobile devices or screens.

Given the economic situation of the high street, retailers that don't make an investment in getting it right, must really be off their trolleys.

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