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Five tools no social media manager can live without

26 May 2014 | 11:00 am

9946501_mlIncreasing awareness and use of social media is placing the pressure on social media managers to deliver ever greater return on investment (ROI).

Research by Business2Community from the US looking at “How Marketers are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses” reported that 68% of the respondents said they would be increasing their use of social media in the next 12 months and 92% rated it as important for their business.

But the big question – are social media managers using the right tools to deliver the right results?

So what are the tools that effective social media managers can’t live without?

1) A management dashboard

This makes the life of a social media manager much easier. No more logging in to every social media platform and every corporate account with every social media platform plugged into one area giving a bird’s eye view.  Scheduling ahead via a management system gives social media managers the opportunity to be proactive, whilst freeing up time for more reactive customer engagement.

2) A monitoring/ listening tool

There is increasing understanding that social media is not a soap box. Social media provides a really useful opportunity to enable organisations to understand, research and engage with customers over issues that are important to them.  Products like CrowdControlHQ provide great geographical listening tools that can be set to listen in on very small geographical areas, such as a business, site or public location.

3) Brand protection/ reputation management tools

The social media environment is so fast moving that it is essential that the ‘checks and challenges’ are in place to ensure that the brand upholds its position in a market place and presents the right image.  Protection tools give organisations the ability to give employee’s layers of access to social media accounts an audit trail and auto stripping of profanity in public areas.

4) Analytics

Access to detailed analytics help managers understand how their content is being received by their audiences.  Good managers will keep a close eye on details like ‘unfollows’ as they could indicate that the frequency of content is too high or alternatively if a piece of content starts to gain considerable reach, it could be time to pump out more of the same.

5) Reporting

Demonstrating ROI through social media is now an integral part of the marketing communications reporting process.  The good news is that there are tools to help automate and personalise the process, ensuring that managers spend their time where it matters most – strategically deciding how to respond to the facts and figures before them.

The ROI on social media is considerable if delivered effectively.  So ensure that you are getting the best out of your social media team by investing in the tools that help your campaigns to stay on message and shape content selection, whilst protecting your brand.

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