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Mobile Security: Protecting yourself and your mobile device (Infographic)

04 August 2014 | 03:10 am

It’s no secret that you need to use caution when you surf the internet as hackers and viruses pop up more often than we want. However, as the years have progressed, the mobile phone has become more popular than the laptop or desktop computer. More people have access to the internet on their phones than ever before. Phones seem like an exception to viruses and petty thieves’ right? If only it were true.

There isn’t enough awareness yet to curb the problem, so spyware, malware, phishing and unwanted cookies run amok inside mobile apps. Not a gamer, not a tech guy, don’t need a lot of apps so you needn’t worry? You do. If you work on the go and spend time in airports or other business locations, unsecured WiFi hotspots are fantastic places for identity theft. Business on the go is convenient, but having to travel from the UK to the continent or the States can expose you to these unwanted pests oh too frequently. Either you or the mobile infestation is going to have to go, and we prefer the bugs to go. So how can you prevent an infestation from occurring? The infographic below includes a few lessons from across the pond.


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