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New clients flow to CrowdControlHQ

13 May 2014 | 04:26 am

CrowdControlHQ, the leading social media risk management and monitoring business, is celebrating after winning another new client, Welsh Water.

Welsh Water is the sixth largest of the ten regulated water and sewerage companies in England and Wales. It is responsible for providing over three million people with a continuous, high quality supply of drinking water and for taking away, treating and properly disposing of the wastewater that is produced.

Welsh Water is unique in the water industry as it is the only company that is run as a non- shareholder company.  This means that the company, which serves much of Wales, Herefordshire and parts of Deeside, is owned and managed on behalf of its customers with all gains going directly back to the customer.  Welsh Water services customers in England and Wales and communicating with them over such a large area presents its own challenges. In addition to working across territories it is also important for the business to take account of regional variations in Wales and reflect this in the way they engage with customers.

In order to provide top quality customer service the organisation recognised there would be a need to increase the number of social media accounts they operate in the future and using social media management software would help facilitate this change.

With new accounts due to be coming on stream, the management at Welsh Water recognised there are associated risks and security issues they have to address. In order to minimise these risks they chose to invest in a social media management system, selecting CrowdContolHQ as their preferred option.

The new system will ensure that passwords are secure and belong to the organisation and not the individual. This will mean that if any employee with access to any of the social media accounts leaves access to these accounts will be restricted immediately, to protect Welsh Water against any misuse of social media. Using the new system also will allow the Company to engage with customers in their preferred language as well as target specific sectors to improve service levels. The CrowdControlHQ software enables the business to monitor and moderate the content, thus ensuring the right ‘tone of voice’ will be used by all those posting or tweeting. Moderation of content is another way in which the software can reduce the risks associated with social media and prevent errors, which can prove costly. Using the software means Welsh Water can manage and monitor all social media. This which will give the management team the confidence that they have full visibility and control of all of their social media.

“I am delighted that Welsh Water has chosen our system when expanding their use of social media. We look forward to building a strong partnership with them to help improve the way in which they engage with their customers”, said James Leavesley, CEO of CrowdControlHQ.

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