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New features update- LinkedIn, YouTube, Post validation and Customer service

27 November 2012 | 03:44 am

YouTube, LinkedIn and other upgrades are coming out in just a few days! Read some tips around the new features and system upgrades in this short guide.

Adding LinkedIn Groups and YouTube Channels

You can now plug in your YouTube channel and LinkedIn Groups to your system. The process is the same as before. Choose “Add network” and make sure you are logged in as the administrator of the Channel or Group in a separate tab on your browser.

Posting out- LinkedIn and YouTube

You can now input a Title and description for your posts on LinkedIn and on YouTube you can upload videos using the “Attach video option”.

If you want to post your video on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn you don’t have to make multiple posts. Just select the networks you want the video to be posted to and as long as YouTube is one of the selected networks the video will be automatically posted to all those chosen accounts.



Setting up LinkedIn Groups

Unless you are allowing users to post on behalf of the group owner users will be required to plug in their personal accounts simply by clicking on Account Settings next to their name on the top right corner of the screen. None of that information will be posted on their personal accounts (it will only be posted on the LinkedIn group).

Customer Service Feature

The system will now warn you whenever you are attempting to reply to a post that is currently being replied to by another user. The warning will remain for a couple of minutes after the first reply has been posted.

Posts Requiring Validation

You may want some users to have their posts and replies validated before they’re pushed live. When assigning a user to a workspace you will have the option to request approval for his/her posts. These posts can be validated by users with the permission “Validator” in the user group permissions.

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