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News: Social media traffic control at Birmingham Airport

12 August 2013 | 12:40 am

Birmingham AirportBirmingham Airport has recently adopted CrowdControlHQ social media risk management and communications platform to enable it to communicate to passengers in a more effective and efficient way.

PR and social media officer, David Lavender required a system that would allow hi to communicate with travellers and was  security compliant:

“As there are multiple users of the system working around the clock, I needed a clear audit trail of who said what and when, and would allow me to restrict how much access each user had.”

Lavender has to report to the board of directors on a monthly basis so having an analytics tool that allowed him to drill-down into the information and compile a report quickly and easily was high on his wish list.

The team also wanted to know when they were being mentioned on social media. So they needed alerts that picked up the various ways that people referred to the airport, ie: BHX, Brum Airport or its full name and also wanted to be able to monitor the social networks for keywords and for any inappropriate language or abuse that could be posted directly onto its Facebook pages.

CrowdControlHQ enabled the comms team to be able to engage and communicate with customers through the platform. This then gives it a full audit trail of everyone in the team who posted new messages or responded to questions or queries and what they said. CrowdControlHQ also gives Lavender admin rights so he has control over how much access each user has. This is particularly useful as the airport is a 24/7 business. Passwords are protected so there is no risk of employees leaving the company and taking password with them. Indepth analytics allow the comms team to build a report easily and quickly so he doesn’t have to spend too much time preparing his presentations to the board

CrowdControlHQ provides buzz monitoring and keyword alerts so if language becomes offensive on the Facebook pages the post will be sent for review or automatically deleted from the site. It also gives the Birmingham Airport comms team the ability to schedule post, which helps it to plan ahead and maintain regular contact.

Although CrowdControlHQ was implemented originally to assist the comms team and the airport control centre, it has now been rolled out to other teams at the airport including customer services, accounts and security. CrowdControlHQ provided training and support throughout the implementation period and ongoing support, training and product update webinars.


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