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15 March 2011 | 12:53 am

Preparation prior to an organisation’s use of social media is essential. Social media has proven itself as an easy means through which to secure high visibility and easily engage with fans on a continuously growing platform. However, while social media may appear a great means through which to attract a greater fan base, it is just as easy to alienate fans rather than attracting them.

Organisations may be prepared to handle problems that arise during a campaign, but before the first post is made the brand must look to understand itself, the networks it will look to use and the fans that use them. To ensure this happens, a brand must first -

Create A Strategy – Organisations must decide which products they wish to promote through each network and plan posts accordingly. Issues such as deciding which products to promote, when to promote them and how to promote them are just a few examples of the many issues an organisation must address when creating an outreach strategy.

Learn How To Use Each Social Network – The parameters of what is allowed on each network varies from one website to the next. An organisation must first understand which group of fans use which network, and how best it can look to target them. Posts must be tailored to suit individual networks to ensure they are presented properly, rather than poorly and thereby compromising the brand’s online image.

Using the Wrong Staff – Employees chosen to take charge of an organisation’s social media pages must first embrace social media. Delegating such tasks to employees who don’t appreciate social media is unlikely to help the organisation use its pages to its full potential.

Such problems can occur prior to an organisation making its first social media post, and if so this can have a negative effect on its efforts before it has even started engaging with fans. Online reputation management is essential for organisations looking to conduct outreach through social channels, and although these networks present brands with an excellent opportunity, a lack of understanding of the risks involved will only undermine the efforts to raise visibility and produce suitable engagement.




Adam Desmond, CrowdControlHQ

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