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A social media sting in the tail

18 June 2013 | 04:25 am


One of your greatest successes has been the sponsorship deal you have managed between your company’s biggest premium brand client and the golden boy of athletics. What could go wrong? Golden boy is pretty much guaranteed a medal in every race he runs and the months of grooming him for the media and managing his every move will all come to a glorious head when he bursts through those records in front of billions of viewers across the globe.

Then Golden Boy goes and tweets. The content of the tweet is so heinous that it turns him from the most loved celebrity and saviour of Team GB into an Olympian pariah. Before you’ve even made it to the office the offending tweet has been retweeted 300,000+ times. Before lunchtime the sports governing body is in session and before teatime Golden Boy is banished from the games and his reputation is so badly tarnished you couldn’t even get him a spot in the jungle.

Over the large cocktail at Blacks you are bemoaning your luck and asking yourself “What could I have done?”

Well there is definitely something you could have done. You could have implemented a solid social media management plan. You could have monitored his use of social media, reviewed his posts before they went live, scanned for ‘banned’ words and averted a crisis.

Insistence on social media monitoring activity could have been part of the sponsorship contract. In an age where one tweet can turn a person from a god to an untouchable at the press of the send button, you’d be negligent not to.


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