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Silicon Canal accolade for CrowdControlHQ Developer

02 November 2016 | 10:31 am

A CrowdControlHQ software developer has been named as a finalist in the Silicon Canal ‘Developer of the Year’ award 2016.

Sowmya Somanath Sowmya Somanath 31 has been a senior developer at CrowdControlHQ, the UK’s leading social media management and software platform for over two years. Sowmya represents the best of Birmingham’s tech industry and is fast gaining recognition as an inspiration across the International #WomeninTech community.

She has been instrumental in helping CrowdControlHQ, a SaaS solution achieve impressive growth, successfully achieving a six fold increase in concurrent system users over the past 12 months.

Marc Harris, Chief Technology Officer said:

“Sowmya has been instrumental in ensuring that our product maintained performance against the backdrop of significant growth and increase in user numbers. Her role requires her to work across the full stack with multiple technologies and she demonstrates an exemplary work ethic.

Overseeing the performance of the back engine of software like ours is never going to be as glamorous as the front end or receive the same recognition but this is the foundation stone upon which our company’s most successful year has been built.

We are thrilled that Silicon Canal has recognised the talent needed in a successful development team to achieve a commercially viable product.”

Sowmya was focused on a tech career from and early age, when as a 12 years old she begged her parents for a computer for her birthday. From there she was inspired by all things IT, graduating with an engineering degree in computer science.

Silicon Canal was established to showcase the very best of Birmingham’s tech community. Finalists will come together on November 2nd to celebrate success.


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