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Social media horsepower in the automotive industry

27 January 2014 | 04:48 am

incarsmThe automotive sector has taken to social media in a big way. Using the medium to promote offers, for competitions and new ranges. They also preview concept cars and trail new designs. Although most manufacturers have a large following, they have resisted using social media as a customer service tool. However, it has reached the point where this can no longer be avoided and there is a need for proper customer service engagement. Strict regulations, especially when advertising finance deals, are also applied to social media campaigns and compliance is important.

There are hundreds of dealers who have social media accounts but don’t do anything with them or post information that is irrelevant to their customer base. “One of the worse crimes that we see is a sales pitch such as: ‘save £999 on a car’, which really doesn’t connect with the social media audience.” Denfield uses CrowdControlHQ for campaigns that target customers and gives them information that they’d find useful. This means that Denfield’s clients, the car dealers, are provided with another useful media outlet that they can see is reaching their key markets.

Denfield can monitor its clients’ products by using features such as the buzz feeds, which has proved to be extremely useful and has helped them to win one of the most prestigious awards in the automotive industry: The Motor Trader Awards. The award was for a Red Nose Day social media campaign which was produced for Kia UK and its dealers.

CrowdControlHQ allows Denfield to receive instant updates. As soon as someone contacts any of its clients the digital team get to see the update straight away, therefore they are able to reply instantly. “We have a vast amount of clients on social media and CrowdControlHQ has allowed us to hit the speedy response times that people on social media expect.”

Denfield use the moderation area of CrowdControlHQ to help keep its clients’ social media accounts free from abuse and accidental postings, which could lead to reputation damage and subsequent loss of business. Passwords are protected so there is not a risk of employees leaving the company and taking passwords, and therefore control of the accounts with them.

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