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Social media in customer services

13 August 2013 | 03:52 am

social-media-customer-service-studyResearch has shown that people who complain directly to an organisation via social media expect an answer. Not only that, but they expect an answer almost immediately. Given this, why do companies even bother to open a social media account at all? Surely, opening a can of worms doesn’t come close to opening yourself up to the possibility of handling angry customers in a public forum?

There are good reasons to engage customers on social media

They will be talking about you anyway so why not take control?  Monitor what is being said about your product or service and address any issues directly. The important thing is being seen to be helpful and trying to reach a solution to the problem. Remember that you can always take the conversation offline if it becomes too heated, but if you handle the situation with a helpful and sensitive tone then the conversation will remain affable.  If a customer is being unreasonable, others will be able to see this too

Ignoring complaints will only exacerbate the problem. Whereas engaging and dealing with the problem can heighten your reputation and leave the customer with a renewed faith in your brand.

Addressing problems on social media will also enable you to reach new customers.

When it comes to customer services, social media, especially when used with a social media management platform, is a cost effective way of engaging with customers. Saving up to 85 man-hours a month.








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