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Social Media Promotion and the Entertainment Industry

06 February 2012 | 12:57 am


As you know, I'm a BIG fan of social media. I work with it, I play with it, I love it and I believe the possibilities within the entertainment industry for creative promotion are endless. Channels including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram can open up the entertainment industry giving us, the audience, more touch points and chances to engage that ever before. I like to imagine that in the future  (if its not already happening) studios and writers will get involved to provide back stories or other hidden gems that enhance their stories right from the start of the creative process.

Twitter is already being used for movie promotion. Recently I shared some of my thoughts on this with E-Consultancy's David Moth as he wrote a post in response to Kermit taking over Disney's Twitter account for the launch of the new Muppets movie. That post can be found here

In my opinion, the channels can be used to enhance the movie goers' (or consumer of any entertainment) experience no end.

For the PR's and Ad Agencies out there - Its time to do what you do best and  get creative! Extend the usual promotion formulas to something outside the norm and watch it take flight. Yes, we want to see all the back stage stuff and cast analysis, but lets take the characters off the big screen and onto our mobile devices. Lets stretch the stories even further where we can.

And the principle won't just work for movies - imagine if TV Execs and script writers thought up twitter side stories while they were writing the original scripts (I hope they already are). TV shows could run in real time with character dialogues  taking place between episodes on-line.  I can't wait to see writers capitalise on this opportunity and add to our entertainment! What's the betting the BBC gets there first!?



Joy Stefanicki, @joyouscomms



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