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Social media risks and how to mitigate them

22 August 2013 | 11:26 am

ban social mediaMany companies are sensitive to the risks of using social media within their organisations and make the decision not to allow its use during the working day. The more risk averse the industry sector, the more likely it is for these bans to be in place.

Yet are these organisations compromising their ability to promote themselves, offer instant customer service and even hire new staff?

There are ways to use social media in a controlled, effective and secure way if the effort is made to plan, train and implement procedures.

Key points for a successful and safe social media presence:

  • Prepare a social media policy stating who is responsible for the organisation’s social media and how it should be used
  • Educate your staff, including those not responsible for the social media output, on what is expected of them and what is acceptable to the organisation
  • Prevent misuse or accidental postings by putting a social media management platform in place. This will give the organisation the ability put tiered levels of access and permissions in place, ensuring that only posts from authorised personnel will be allowed
  • Protect passwords by reducing the number of people who have direct access to your social profiles. Unprotected or shared passwords are the most likely cause of hacking
  • Create a crisis management plan in the event PR disaster (social media related or otherwise). Use a monitoring system to find out who is talking about you and what they are saying, so you don’t find you are on the back foot during a crisis

To find out more about the risks involved in social media and to mitigate them see our white paper: Social Media Risks and the Law 

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