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Social moania - it's the future

08 October 2013 | 02:41 am

swearing-on-twitterI recently had a problem with my power provider. For eight months since moving into a new property it has sent me the wrong meter reading, then taken weeks to obtain the correct one - turns out it was billing me for the electricity used by the church next door  too - the power of The Lord so to speak. Not taken money from my bank, even though I’d persistently phoned them to try and set up a direct debit, thereby messing with my accounts. And, so many more instances of downright incompetence along the way.

But, I stuck with them. The reason being was that every time I called with a complaint or query the person who handled my call was lovely. They always seemed to be doing their best to help, calmed the situation and treated me in the way that I like to be treated. So I stuck with them. It was becoming tiresome but I only decided to ditch them and look for another provider when I was waiting for yet another call back to try and resolve the situation and I received a threatening letter from a debt collection agency instead.

Despite what I do for a living, working within the  social media management sector, I still haven’t adopted the mentality of Tweeting everything that happens in my life or complaining online.

But what the hell, I was ready to vent and this is the message I tweeted: "8 months of blunders by @……….. finally had enough when received a threatening letter rather than the call promised. Time to change"

Within two hours I had a reply and we finally managed to resolve the situation to my satisfaction (so far) in a few minutes.

When people receive this sort of service via Twitter, why on earth would they spend time calling and writing traditional letters of complaint. The utility companies have to accept that this is the future and start pouring resources into online customer services and complaint resolution.

I don’t like using my personal Twitter account as a public outlet for mundane griping, but I have to accept that it worked. No more Saturday mornings spent getting wound up by  answerphone messages, no more explaining the situation yet again to another helpful but ineffectual person. It’s social moania all the way from now on.

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