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Survey: Benchmark your definition of social media management

06 January 2015 | 04:24 am

As part of our 'Measure Up' benchmarking reports we are conducting a number of  THREE question mini surveys on key aspects of social media management.  This month, we focus on how organisations define social media management.  And as a result of the definitions, the key elements of focus of organisations within the UK.

Please click on the mini survey link below to tell us which definition resonates with you the most. Results will be published in March.

Social Media Management defined: 

Definition 1: Key elements: a balancing act between business objectives/ resource and process

…is the process responsible for ensuring that web based social interactions are targeted, engaging and responsive, whilst successfully achieving key brand and business communications objectives.


Definition 2: Key elementsa descriptor about what happens day to day

… involves the planning and selection of an appropriate social media (channel) mix, the distribution of content across these platforms and the handling and management of inbound enquiries.


Definition 3: Key elements: a focus on what happens post planning phase

…is the process by which the social media plan is implemented, evaluated and refined.


Definition 4: Key elements: an opportunity to capitalise on a new way of communicating 

…creates a social haven that enables an organisation to communicate with its customers individually and on mass, in a timely, engaging and mobile centric way.


Definition 5: a part of the communications mix

…is the process of delivering content to defined audiences over social media channels, in a way that reinforces and protects the brand as part of the overall communications mix

Which definition most closely aligns with your organisational ethos on social media? PLEASE TELL US what you think by completing our THREE quick question survey here

Tweet us @CrowdControlHQ using #MeasureUp or you can also contact us here.


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