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Teach Employees the Importance of Upholding A Brand’s Ethos

30 March 2011 | 03:01 am

With a brand having established which social networks they aim to target its fans through, whilst also delegating responsibilities to employees to ensure the profiles are used in the correct manner, it is important for the brand to then teach employees the correct manner in which to represent the brand when looking to acquire new fans.

It is imperative for employees to remember that the posts they make through brand-specific pages are an online incarnation of the brand, and as such are a representation through which social network users will come to associate the brand. The overall message and tone-of-voice adopted by employees when speaking on behalf of the brand must be consistent across all social media communications and interactions. Whilst different networks may be targeting different audiences, the brand’s key message and values still remains the same, and brands need to be wary of employees varying off course.

This illustrates why the points from part one were so important, and why delegating tasks to specific team members is so important. Once employees are aware of their tasks within the social media outreach campaign, it ensures there won’t be crossover or employees contradicting each other when they’re representing the brand through these social channels. Were different employees to contradict each other when posting in the brand’s guise, this may lead to misrepresentations and as such confusion for those following the brand. A brand must stay on message to ensure fan happiness is maintained and fans continue to follow and engage.

The key point here is that employees must remember they are a personalised representation and extension of the image and identity of the brand, and the image they convey through these profiles may have a detrimental effect on the brand’s engagement efforts if not managed effectively. Employees must be well versed in how a brand must be represented online, as this is a vital element of online reputation management - even the smallest mistake or accidental post can cause fans to unfollow or lead to them recommending friends to avoid the brand.


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