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The 6 supporting pillars of social media management

23 March 2012 | 11:01 am

Social media has been embraced by communications teams as a way of building two-way relationships with organisations’ audiences. Listening to what is being said and sending out status updates is the output you, me and the rest of the world see, but in order to achieve long-term success social media must be embedded much deeper into  management structures.

I discussed this topic with executive managers and CMOs from many organisations that are successful in social engagement. Based on their insights, I drafted a 6 pillar model of social media management:

Strategy provides the overall direction of what social media can achieve for the organisation- it needs to be led from the top and involve the whole organisation

Processes enable teams to collaborate with defined roles and responsibilities and to bring formal workflows to social media situations that expand across the organisation

Policies provide guidance and support for employees, ensuring that the boundaries are defined and cover both personal use of social media and usage when representing the organisation

Support ensures that best practices are shared and the right training is put in to deliver the strategy and keeping policies updated

Resources are required to deliver overall strategy, which includes both people, budgets and commitment from senior management

Supporting Technology is required to bring all of these elements together and ensure that efficiencies are achieved whilst risks are being managed.

At CrowdControlHQ we have a detailed understanding of how supporting technology can work across multiple sectors and we are always happy to share our thoughts. For more information or if you have any queries, please contact us.


James Leavesley,

CEO @CrowdControlHQ



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