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The importance of social media monitoring shouldn’t be underestimated. As user numbers continue to increase on a global scale, monitoring social media offers brand marketers the opportunity to observe and report on altering trends and fashions across the social sphere.

On a basic level monitoring allows marketers to understand how popular posts and topics are proving, but it is important to look beyond the surface to understand why monitoring can prove so crucial to digital brand marketing. Key elements include:

Trend Insight – Montioring allows a brand insight into what’s currently proving popular and is likely to encourage users to engage with a brand. A brand must look to stay on topic and up-to-date to ensure users are happy to follow a brand and will look to continue to do so in the future.

Locate social media influencers –Through monitoring engagement and reactions to brand posts, a brand can look to understand which social media followers are the most influential and happy to engage with a brand. Locating users who regularly engage with a brand allows for future planning integrating these user’s ideas in the future to draw more potential fans into the fold.

Monitor competitors – Whilst monitoring allows an understanding of which posts are proving popular, it also allows a brand insight into what their competitors are doing and how they look to utilise social media for their own online campaigns. Brands can look to compare competitor actions to their own to help incorporate successful strategies that are likely to tempt competitor fans to a brand’s own page.

Remove negative posts – A brand must ensure it conducts regular monitoring of its own content to remove negative or inappropriate comments which may have an effect on a brand’s engagement strategy. Such posts could lead to current fans being disheartened and discontinuing their relationship with the brand, whilst also scaring off potential new fans before they have even begun following or engaging with the brand.

 Of course, all of these actions can be done with ease with a dedicated social media monitoring tool such as CrowdControlHQ. Monitoring can often be a time-consuming process, but a dedicated system such as CrowdControlHQ allows a brand to manage such processes from a single source. Monitoring is of great importance to any social media campaign, and if they haven’t already done so brands would do well to ensure effective monitoring is at the heart of any social media strategy.


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