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The new era of Social Media Monitoring

02 March 2012 | 12:01 am

Twitter’s partnership with DataSift has stirred lots of discussion in the online space. While a lot of these conversations focus on privacy issues, the partnership also  highlights how companies are changing their relationship with Social Media.

Businesses are now paying serious attention to social media insight and intelligence gathering. Ryan Saver, the Director of Platform for Twitter declared that ‘the market for insights into Twitter’s real-time data is growing and producing thriving businesses’.  Organisations have passed the first stage of social media adoption, where its main benefits could be seen in marketing communications departments. Now, they are also looking into how social media insights can trigger innovation in customer service, recruiting or fund raising.

In this new stage, social media monitoring becomes essential for every business. Tom Webster from Edison Research points out that monitoring should fulfil two essential roles:  analysis of social media data over a longer period of time in order to determine changing trends as well as real-time data mining. Trends and topics explode overnight, and spotting them first can prove a major advantage for any company. Another advantage of real-time data-mining is its role as an ‘early warning systems’ for  spotting issues which, left unchecked, can spark into a major crisis.

Gathering insights and crisis prevention were two of the main drivers we had when we designed CrowdControlHQ and I am glad to see our vision has been validated by this new era of social media monitoring.


James Leavesley, CEO



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