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The Queen’s Speech – Creating the UK’s Oreo moment!

28 July 2014 | 02:43 am

Worplace Challenge - Queen at Commonwealth Games #Glasgow2014The CrowdControlHQ customer service team were pleased to give an extra helping hand to The County Sports Partnership Network in association with the British Heart Foundation Health at Work team with an innovative (let’s hope award winning) campaign designed to get workplaces across the country more active!

The #TeamEngland Workplace Challenge runs for four weeks, with a free mobile friendly platform that allows people to log points for heart beating activity and active walking to work.  Points make prizes as well as giving kudos points in the form of ‘high fives’ and has been developed by the tech team at Cuttlefish in conjunction with LRS Sport (congrats guys).

The Oreo moment was hailed in 2013 by the marketing profession as the holy grail of communication. Oreo’s social media team took advantage of a power outage during the Super Bowl by releasing a timely blackout advert with the message “you can still dunk in the dark.”  The advert against the backdrop of darkness at the football, provided the perfect ingredients for multiple RT’s and sharing across the globe!

From that day on, the prediction and planning for key ‘event moments’ has become the fashion and ‘thing to do’ across marketing circles, particularly with live events.  When you think of an event in moments – the first goal, the final match point… it does give you a very different (and focused) perspective.

Fast forward to the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow and the team at The County Sports Partnership Network (along with their agency Citydesk Sport) were scratching heads, wondering how to make the most out of a very tight communications budget.  They then remembered the time during the Olympic Opening ceremony when James Bond parachuted in to meet The Queen, and the seed of an idea was born.  Could the Queen’s speech be used as the ‘moment’?

The County Sports Partnership Network comprises 45 teams across England, located across very diverse areas, so keeping it simple was key. The plan was hatched to create ‘The Queen’s Speech’ as a cartoon to be posted the moment the Queen began her opening address, shared and leveraged across the 45 local teams to spread the central theme locally.

The objective – to ‘own’ the #TeamEngland hashtag for a few minutes within an evening of cluttered messaging and stand out from the crowd, whilst raising awareness that the new #TeamEngland Workplace Challenge competition was open for business!

The timing of the Queen’s speech was a mystery.  The team knew it would follow the hand over of the Queen’s baton.  And the importance of ‘live tweeting’ at key events became apparent when the realisation set in that BBC coverage was due to go off air at 11pm and Rod Stewart was still belting out his tunes!

If you have ever tried to post tweets live, you know that it can be timely to create the ‘strategic’ tweets to key partners, press, mouthpieces and audience members in the heat of the moment. So tactically, the agency forward scheduled a bulk of content to ensure that it was ready to go when the precious ‘moment’ came.

Buzz monitoring was established across several categories – e.g. #TeamEngland athletes on the build up; influential media contacts; National Governing Bodies of Sport; the 45 local offices of County Sports Partnerships as well as more public hash tags such as #Glasgow2014.

As we headed past the BBC watershed of 11pm, some cryptic tweets began to appear “@ActiveCumbria: Just checking I hope Her Majesty is not still standing there? #TeamEngland #Glasgow2014”.  The unofficial twitter account for The Queen (@Queen_UK) kept pumping “Come on, come on, come on. #CommonwealthGames

It was 11.30pm by the time the Queen took to her podium sparking the green light as teams across the country kicked into action and the flurry of Queen cartoons started to cascade through.

In the first five minutes, the two national accounts – CrowdControlHQ measured a reach of 1million across the County Sports Partnership Network and Workplace Challenge national accounts.  When added to the 45 local teams, this figure was moving towards 3 million as the timeline was filled with multiple RT’s and shares of the Queen.

Of course the beauty of social media is that the cartoon continues to get coverage and commentary, so the eventual reach could be even more staggering.

The content of the cartoon proved to be spot on. The image of the Queen delaying proceedings as she logged her Workplace Challenge points was definitely a crystal ball prediction to be proud of.

The launch is being followed by daily cartoons and the campaign runs for four weeks. The objective will be to get people to get workplaces signed up and results will be in on August 16th so watch this space for the big results announcement.

CrowdControlHQ is the UK’s leading social media risk management and compliance platform. We work with agencies and their clients to provide a powerful online social media management platform that combines cutting edge social engagement tools (Crowd) as well as the brand protection and compliance features (Control).

Our customer service team were pleased to support this fantastic campaign and you can get involved yourself if you live in England by registering on www.workplacechallenge.org.uk

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