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The social media golden rule

15 August 2013 | 02:45 am

When you are engaging with customers on social media or training customer service staff on how best to use the medium there is only one rule to remember -Tweet unto others as you would have them tweet unto you.

Always put yourself in the position of the person that is contacting you. Think about how angry, upset, disappointed you’d feel in the same situation.

  •  Never ignore complaints. This will only increase the frustration that the customer feel
  •  Respond in a timely fashion. Customers’ expect almost immediate responses when they complain on social media
  • Be consolatory and polite
  • Never take the blame until you know all the facts. Though you can say something like, “I am sorry this has happened” I am sorry you have experienced this”
  • This is not about you. While there’s nothing wrong with the personal touch, never mention similar problems you have experienced. The customer needs to feel that you are focusing completely on their issue
  • Be very careful of the tone you take. Always remembering that sarcasm and humour can very easily be misconstrued
  • Make it clear that you are looking into the problem and are liaising with the appropriate departments to fix it
  • Never get into an argument or enter into flame war
  • If the customer becomes unreasonable or the conversation becomes heated, take it offline. Call them if possible, it’s harder to be unreasonable to a helpful human than a computer, and it takes the situation out of the public arena
  • Follow up with the customer once the complaint has been dealt with. This additional touch goes a long way to increasing goodwill and decreasing the chance of the customer spreading bad service stories

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