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Three campaigns that are helping Santa get personal this Christmas

10 November 2014 | 05:44 am

Christmas appears to have come early this year. It may only be the first week of November but no one could have escaped the raft of Christmas advertising this weekend. A big loud reality check that Christmas is just around the corner!

The countdown to Christmas is always the trigger for the marketing trend lists to appear. And not letting us down are Forbes who have published their marketing trends for 2015.

One key trend appearing on their hit list is personalisation. Forbes forewarns that in 2015 “marketing will shift from globalisation to personalisation.”

“Personalisation is not a trend. It is a marketing tsunami, here to stay, which will transform how we think about and how we manage global brands." 


Personalisation not only means that companies will need to make changes to infrastructure, perhaps leading from centralisation to regional and local approaches, it also demands a much more customer-centric mouthpiece to communication. Social media has a significant role to play in the process of personalisation.

Social media allows organisations to listen, engage and inspire people at a very personal level. So this week we look at three Christmas adverts and how they are making the countdown to Christmas more personal.


1) Marks & Spencer - #FollowTheFairies

This year M&S have harnessed the power of social media with the help of @TheTwoFairies granting wishes whilst flying across the country on the hashtag #FollowTheFairies. The account started tweeting on the 29th October and has already gained upwards of 25.6K followers.

Following the activity on social media the ad launched on Friday (7th) and was first screened during the ITV’s X-Factor on Saturday. The official ad video has already reached over 2.5 million views on YouTube. M&S executive director, Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne predicts the “biggest online Christmas ever in the UK and the most social Christmas.”


2) John Lewis - #MontyThePenguin

John Lewis are also leveraging the power of social media this Christmas with the heart warming story of @MontyThePenguin. The ad went live via @JohnLewisretail on November 6th with the hashtag #MontyThePenguin.

The tweet has been retweeted 31,879 times and favourited 25,659. The same day saw @MontyThePenguin come to life, counting down each day until Christmas & searching for the love of his life. The account has already gained over 24.8K followers.


3) Debenhams - #foundit

Debenhams Christmas campaign delivers a genuine multi-channel approach with social media activity supporting the TV ad, in-store, print & digital. Making the most of the #Selfie craze Debenhams is encouraging customers to share their #foundit moment when they find their perfect item via social media for a chance to win £1,000 worth of gift card prizes.

Also releasing their Christmas advert on YouTube prior to television screening, they have managed to generate 327,083 views to date.


So that was week one of Christmas campaigning and we will be keeping a very close eye. There will be important lessons to learn from the campaigns so watch this space!


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