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Webinar: Are You Enterprise Social Media Ready?

26 August 2015 | 11:25 am

Webinar: Are You Enterprise Social Media Ready?


What is Enterprise Social Media?

Date: Thursday 17th September

Start time: 15:00pm (BST)

Enterprise social media encompasses an entire organisation. Many companies are readily adopting multi-departmental structures in the delivery of social media, yet few organisations are aware of the resource needed to manage social media at an enterprise scale.

Is your organisation enterprise social media ready?

Join James Leavesley, Chief Executive Officer at CrowdControlHQ and Kate Allum, Marketing Manager in our upcoming webinar, as they explore the definition of enterprise social media, highlight the challenges organisations face when moving towards an enterprise social media strategy and review the changing roles and responsibilities of a social media manager.

This webinar will help further your understanding of:

  • The definition of enterprise social media and how it applies to your organisation.
  • How to align your social media strategy with corporate objectives, operational objectives and communication objectives.
  • Developing an effective social customer service mechanism to enhance customer experience.
  • How social media integrates throughout multiple departments. (I.e. Marketing & Communications, Customer Service, Compliance & Legal, Human Resources, Information Technology (IT) and Internal Audit)
  • Internal education of private and public personal social media accounts.
  • The roles, responsibilities and resourcing of social media management. (Leading vs Delivery)

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James Leavesley, Chief Executive Officer - CEO and founder of CrowdControlHQ, the UK’s leading social media risk management and compliance platform, built for enterprise. James has a degree in Russian and Politics from the University of Leeds and an MBA from University College, Dublin. Prior to CrowdControlHQ he was responsible for setting up a new division of BOC in the medical sector and led business development in Russia and Eastern Europe.

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