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social media manager typingDo you have your sights set on becoming a leading enterprise social media manager? Or are you trying to identify a suitable candidate for your social media manager vacancy? This article will highlight the key skills required in order to be successful within a leading organisation that delivers social media at significant scale, as well as helpful tips and resources.

What is the role of an enterprise social media manager?

An enterprise social media manager is responsible for guiding the social media presence of an organisation, which operates via complex social media models, incorporates multiple departments, multiple social media networks and has large numbers of staff accessing corporate accounts.

This includes roles such as, strategy development (in coordination with the wider business objectives), content development and planning, internal stakeholder engagement, monitoring brand activity and mentions, measuring performance and reporting to senior management, as well as communicating with your organisation’s audience frequently.

With this vast array of tasks to conquer on a daily basis, there are a variety of skill sets required to be a first class enterprise social media manager. We have compiled the skills that are most important to ensure success… 

Top 8 skills of a great enterprise social media manager

  1. Social Butterfly

enterprise social media managerThis is ultimately the most important trait of a social media manager. With the expectation to; engage with your organisation’s audience on a regular basis, collaborate with multiple departments, and often required to highlight the benefits of social media to senior managers, a successful enterprise social media manager must be outgoing and sociable, with strong communications skills and willing to strike up a conversation at the first opportunity.

  1. Marketing Knowledge

Marketing is often solely responsible for the management of social media within an organisation, and although as companies move towards a cross-departmental approach, it still remains essential for your social media manager to have an in-depth understanding of marketing theories and approaches. As the Chartered Institute of Marketing acknowledge in their official academic definition…

"Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably."

Having a strong foundation of marketing knowledge is critical, to help identify the right audiences to develop the most suitable social media models and to ultimately satisfy your customer requirements.

  1. Project Management

A social media manager has to balance a variety of roles (content creator, analyst, internal comms, customer service and more), which means project management is a vital skill to keep the social media ship afloat. In order to ensure content is delivered consistently alongside reactive communication, effective forward planning is essential and the ability to schedule posts in advance always helps.

Bonus Tip: We like to use Trello to plan out our current and upcoming projects, check out this great blog about how to use the tool effectively here…

  1. Analytical

The digital world is filled with statistics, but to be a successful social media manager you must be able to cut through the sea of data and be able to identify key performance metrics, to measure impact and business value of social media. From this you can also utilise findings to support management decisions such as calculating efficiency savings when it comes to delivering customer service by phone or via social media.

  1. Creative

As we all know content is king when it comes to social media and without creativity most social media accounts struggle to stand out from the crowd. In addition to writing Facebook and Twitter posts, you also need to be able to craft supporting material such as blogs, graphics, videos and more.

  1. Problem Solving

I am sure any social media manager reading this, has had a moment where they need to think on their feet and resolve a time-sensitive problem. Whether it is an inbound enquiry that requires immediate attention or a technical glitch with a piece of content, to be a successful social media manager you need to be an effective troubleshooter and extremely resourceful.

  1. Know your organisation inside out

Although this is a requirement of all positions within an organisation, there is no hiding place as a social media manager on the front line of representing the business. Communicating across a public platform, where every post and tweet is scrutinised, one false move or misinterpretation can cause serious damage to any organisation.

  1. Up to date with relevant news and best practice

To ensure a successful social media presence, it is critical to keep on top of latest news, including national and industry specific. There have been many examples where organisations and people have sent untimely tweets, following breaking news…

Check out the example pictured, which highlights how you can get it wrong by not knowing the full context of a news story. This tweet received huge backlash across Twitter and mainstream media, ultimately damaging the brand’s reputation.

In addition to this, it is also important to expand your knowledge, keeping on top of latest developments from the social networks themselves, as well as seeking latest best practice and insights.

Bonus Tip: Stay up to date by using Feedly. Feedly collects every article from your favourite sources and provides it in a simple feed for easy consumption. We dedicate each collection (folder within Feedly) to a single purpose. For example we create a collection for ‘Industry news’, which includes all relevant publications, and another collection for best practice insights.

So with the importance of expanding knowledge and staying on top of latest news, we share our favourite resources below…

Key resources to help you become a successful enterprise social media manager

Some of our favourite sources for the latest social media news and best practice every social media manager must have saved in their favourites or added to their feedly collections include:

Twitter accounts that share excellent content and advice on all things social media:

There are many skills required to become a successful enterprise social media manager and it is important to consider that with an effective social media management tool in place you can streamline tedious tasks, to focus on the important objectives of your social media delivery.

CrowdControlHQ is the UK’s leading social media risk management and compliance platform, built for enterprise it provides innovative features to help social media managers drive performance on social media for leading organisations across the UK.
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