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What to Avoid When Engaging with Fans

06 April 2011 | 03:05 am

When a brand has created its social media profiles it will inevitably be keen to start posting out and engaging with their fans. However, before it should there are some guidelines I think a brand must set itself to ensure a successful social media campaign. In a previous CrowdControlHQ post we looked at the importance of a brand respecting its audience, but I believe organisations must understand that it goes further than respect. Its about content and etiquette. Just like a normal conversation. Take a look below to see some of the pitfalls I think businesses & organisations can easily fall into when engaging with fans through social media-

• Engaging without a strategy – It is paramount that a business has a strategy in place prior to engaging with fans. That Social Media strategy should not stand alone though, it should make up part of the wider marketing and communications strategy already in place. Without a strategy, employees may stray from the brand’s key message, and as such the business may be poorly portrayed to potential new fans, damaging the online reputation it is attempting to develop.

• Forgetting your core fan base – It is important to attract a wider audience base but it’s easy for a brand to alienate the fans that originally helped make it a success. Yes, this may require effort to deliver more niche content but you need to do this to ensure true fans of your brand continue to follow and engage.

• Copying content across different networks – You need to determine what types of fans engaging through your different networks. People use different networks for different reasons and a brand must look to understand each fan base and their differences before reaching out. Varying content will help maintain user numbers across different networks and grow that fan base too.

• Ignoring fan comments and queries – Social networks allow followers to post reactions or ask the brand specific questions. Were the brand to ignore these, not only does this send out a negative image to fans, but it is likely to encourage fans to stop following. They may even advise their friends to do the same. Ensuring fan queries are answered will help to maintain a positive image and encourage fans to engage.

If a business avoids these problems it should begin to see both fan numbers and engagement increasing. At CrowdControlHQ, we recommend using a dedicated social networking software that helps monitor engagement and understand fans.

In turn, this intelligence will assist in the creation of authentic engaging content thereby helping business to continually build its online reputation in the right direction.






Joy Stefanicki, CrowdControlHQ

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