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Who holds the keys to your company's social media accounts?

09 July 2013 | 10:37 am

SocialMediaControlMany organisations allow employees or marketing agencies to create social media accounts on their behalf. But who owns these accounts and who really has control?

Often, when an employee leaves the organisation they will leave with the usernames and passwords to the social media accounts. If they are the only person with access to the account then it remains dormant and the organisation has to restart building its fan-base and following from scratch.

An ex-employee can simply start using an organisation’s social media accounts if they have direct control. There are known cases of ex-employees who moved to a competitor organisation, changed the name of their ex-employer’s account and started engaging with fans on behalf of their new employer.

A nightclub chain owner had such an experience where one of its club managers ran the social media accounts for the venue. When he left the company he took the accounts with him to his new employers, a rival nightclub. He then announced that the club he used to manage was closed and changed the name of the account to his new employers details.

Though this incident cost the nightclub in both time and money it has now protected its social media profiles using CrowdControlHQ.

In December 2012, tech review site PhoneDog settled a lawsuit against a former editor and blogger, Noah Kravitz, for allegedly misappropriating the company’s Twitter followers for his own gain. Kravitz had amassed 17,000 followers during his four years at PhoneDog. When he left the company in 2010, he changed the name of the Twitter account to @noahkravitz from @PhoneDog_Noah and kept the followers.

These experiences are becoming more common with the expansion of social media across organisations. With more investment going into the creation of social media within organisations, it's sensible to find out who holds the keys .

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