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Why customer service matters in social media management platforms?

19 May 2014 | 09:06 am

Social Media is one of the major customer services trends for 2014 according to the CRM magazine. Customers are more social than ever and expect you to have a customer services presence on Twitter, Facebook or any other channel you operate on.

Social Media Management platforms can help you manage workflow more effectively, but here are some of the other elements to look out for;

  • Get the right content to the right person. No matter whether the specific content is found on your own channels or in conversations across the social web it is important that it gets the right person in the most efficient way.
  • Duplicating efforts. We have all seen it. Someone asks a question and gets two different replies from the same organisation with two different answers.  Let’s face it, it is embarrassing and it makes the organisation look like they don’t know what they are doing.
  • See the complete picture. Seeing all previous conversations with a person across all of your social channels is key to helping you make the right response.
  • Controlling quality and policing policies. The language often used in social media can be more casual and friendly than other forms of communication. Policies need to be put in place and enforced to ensure that standards are maintained and to stop any breaches before they hit the media.
  • Sharing best practice. Social media is evolving so quickly that the entire organisation needs to keep adapting and keep learning. The team should regularly review what is working and what is not, then share this across the organisation to ensure that all those involved in social engagement are being up-skilled.

CrowdControlHQ's enterprise functionality  will help you optimise social media whilst engaging in a controlled and co-ordinated manner. Forrester, the global research organisation, recently identified CrowdControlHQ as one of the top ten platforms and the only provider outside of the US for such systems.

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