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Why your recruitment process should embrace the selfie

10 March 2015 | 10:08 am

29626950_mHumberside Police have been the cause of much debate following the recruitment of its new deputy chief - Garry Forsyth. The high powered job, according to BBC news reports carried a high price tag of £117k.

At such a scale, some were shocked to learn that the recruitment process demanded by means of submission......a 'selfie'.

We have written many blog posts in the past around the subject and growth of selfies. And the PM himself is not adverse to a selfie or three, as we reported from our experience of pitching to Number 10 as part of #Pitch10 last year. So if the practice is good enough for the PM, surely it is suitable for an Assistant Chief Constable?

But the critics, have been quick to jump on the bandwagon to criticise, implying that the act was in some way demeaning to such an important role. Bravo to Humberside Police force who have remained firm in their statement that it is 'vital candidates embrace new technology'.

So the question is - how is social media changing the face of recruitment? One of the most obvious developments has been the evolution of LinkedIn. Roll back a few years, we would never have imagined that the world at large would require us to keep an online CV with 'endorsers' and 'likes' being the mark of 'success' in life.

Recruiters have a living breathing database of targets to go for and we ourselves are able to mark our profile to indicate that we are on the hunt for that next job. But it's not only the recruiters that are benefitting.  LinkedIn is enabling every business and organisation at large to pro-actively 'head hunt' their next recruits. The threat of losing staff this way has become so real that some businesses are reportedly frowning on employees who actively tout their wares on LinkedIn -perhaps a key consideration if you are looking for that next big promotion.

The benefit of LinkedIn is that it is growing old with us. It acts as a living, breathing diary, cataloging all of our career life events.  Back in the day, applying for a job would be more of a frantic spontaneous quick trip down memory lane, desperately clambering around to find pay slips to confirm start and finish dates and being vague on the detail of jobs long rubbed out of the memory banks. Roll on to today, and LinkedIn even goes as far as helping us to remember our work anniversary and encourages people to congratulate us on still being in employment!

LinkedIn is certainly causing a major cultural change in the way up and coming talent thinks. Just last week a student of mine approached me and said "Michelle I would like to connect to you on LinkedIn but I haven't got enough endorsers, so I intend to wait to make a great first impression." It did get me thinking - it is really hard to make a 'first impression' when your profile is eternally out in the ether of the World Wide Web.

However, what is clear is that prospective employees do have an array of tools at their finger tips to create 'wow' first impressions when applying for their dream jobs. Within our business we now regularly see candidates submitting their LinkedIn profile instead of an old school CV. We receive links to aboutme.com and prezi presentations, where we get to hear from candidates first hand through the films and blogs they point us to and our favourite to date, has been a CV in form of Google search.

So the challenge to students, interns and up and coming recruits will be to up their game! We are really excited about where the recruitment path will go thanks to social media, but what is clear is that recruitment will never be the same again.

Michelle Leavesley

CrowdControlHQ is the UK’s leading social media risk management and compliance platform, accessed online and on the move. We work alongside a multitude of companies to enable them the appropriate tools to manage and deliver effective social media marketing.

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