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One of the fascinating things we’ve noticed in working with so many Social Media, Marketing and Communications Managers is that handling an organisation-wide social media project can help transform your career!

For those willing to take on the challenge, leading the charge on your organisation’s social media strategy and development can open lots of doors 🚪 So, what makes Social Media Managers so special? We’ve detailed the key things that might set you apart from others in your organisation.

Exposure to senior management

What immediately makes social media initiatives different is that they usually involve multiple departments, for instance the comms and marketing team, customer service team, IT, and often local colleagues based at different sites. To kick off, its common to build a business case and present it to the key stakeholders to get their support which is a fantastic opportunity to get yourself on the radar of the heads of those teams! 🙋

These relationships will only grow as the project progresses and continues to drive further inter-departmental integration, making your name stick when it comes to fulfilling internal vacancies.

Demonstrating unique skills

Don’t underestimate the challenge of successfully bringing these different teams together and driving towards collective business aims but if you had not already had a chance to develop your project management skills, this process will give you the opportunity to.

Alongside project management, in our experience social media projects require strong stakeholder management, persuasion and a bigger picture vision. Demonstrating this combination of skills can often prime you for a leadership position.

Impacting your organisation’s performance

Depending on how well monitored and managed your organisation’s social media accounts are currently, your work has the potential to start driving fast results. Whether that’s enhancing your online reputation, engaging customer communities on social, or capturing new sales opportunities. We have worked with clients on many projects that drove quick wins from day one just by encouraging the organisation to start taking social media seriously.

TOP TIP - Don’t forget to shout about these successes! Think about detailing some highlights in your internal comms channels from online newsletters to pin boards, let your colleagues know about your great work! 📢

Stepping up to the plate

There’s no doubt that taking on the responsibility for social media can be daunting and your confidence alone is likely to earn you office kudos! Since social media is a 24/7 beast and crises can build in a matter of minutes, you may find that others in your organisation are reluctant to take ownership of the project themselves so seize the opportunity to stand out.

Remember to tap into the knowledge and experience of others like partners and connections who can offer guidance along the way. Here at CrowdControlHQ we’re always happy to offer insights and advice or even act as a sounding board for ideas when we can so don’t hesitate to get in touch! 🤔

Specialist knowledge

Finally, as social media networks and working practices change so frequently, your insight into how to get the most from each channel and apply best practice will be highly sought after across your organisation.

You may have already found your colleagues turn to you for help on everything from paid social to image editing for social and your guru status won’t go unnoticed. 🤓

How has your career in social media management changed? Drop us a note to have your say @CrowdControlHQ

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