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Numerous sporting and cultural events look set to keep us all very busy on social media in May. Audiences will be checking social to see who wins the #FACupFinal, how we get on in #Eurovision2018, keep track of the UK #LocalElections2018 and join in the celebrations around the upcoming #RoyalWedding 💍

So there's plenty of opportunities for your brand to show its personality and engage audiences with relevant content. And don't forget, May has two #BankHoliday Monday's to account for! So pull your socks up (#LostSockDay 9th May 🤙) and start scheduling using our helpful guide to social media content and #hashtag ideas.

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What events are you looking forward to and planning content around? Are there any days we are missing and need to add in? Tweet us @CrowdControlHQ to let us know or just share your thoughts! Learn more about CrowdControlHQ's social media planning and publishing features or request a free software demo to learn more.


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