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Go big or stay local?

I found a really interesting article about Walmart's recent decision to start delivering social media at a local level and its lack of success. This..

James Leavesley
James Leavesley Oct 04, 2012


Social Media: Prospects for Education

During the past three years, I saw social media usage spread across organisations of all types and sizes. From corporate giants and start-ups to police..

James Leavesley
James Leavesley Sep 05, 2012

Risk & compliance

Is social media on your risk register?

Social media’s impact on the bottom line has convinced managers it needs to be integrated in the organisation’s business strategy. While this..

James Leavesley
James Leavesley Aug 17, 2012

Risk & compliance

European organisations: still far from risk maturity excellence

When it comes to data and information protection risks and compliance, companies still have a long way to go. This seems to be the main conclusion of..

James Leavesley
James Leavesley Jul 05, 2012

Risk & compliance

Patrolling the social web: UK police clamps down on virtual hooliganism

Trolling and racial slurs on social media are becoming everyday occurrences. Many people seem to believe that behaviour deemed unacceptable in any..

James Leavesley
James Leavesley Jun 28, 2012


Social media password sharing: a threat for the reputation of marketing agencies

When we started building corporate social media management software, the perils of social media were almost unknown to most organisation decision..

James Leavesley
James Leavesley May 18, 2012